Friendship Baptist Church - Detroit
Dr. Samuel White III, Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church is a hospital for sin-sick souls and provides spiritual healing
for the heart, mind and soul.  "For by Jesus' Stripes we are healed".

Our Mission To Jamaica

From left, Tealton Robinson, a peer mediator at Charlie Smith High School, assists the Reverend Juanita PeekVary, a Peace and Love in Schools (PALS) volunteer on mission from Friendship Baptist Church in Detroit, MI, USA, and peer mediator Zodian Stewart, to tend to a plant in the school's peace garden. Looking on are Juanita Abrikian (second right), the general manager of PALS, and Karen Gentles, a member of the Dispute Resolution Foundation.

AN OASIS of peace was on opened in the desert of conflicts which often affects students of the Charlie Smith High School in Arnett Gardens, south St. Andrew.

Months of planning had finally come to fruition with the opening of a peace garden, aimed at promoting positivity and providing an available space for mediation.


Vice-principal Valery Hibbert began germinating the project's seeds in March, because of a concern about the high rate of conflict among students. She came up with the idea for a designated space on the compound where angry students can take time out and reflect on the positive.

The Reverend Juanita Peek-Vary, Peace and Love in Schools (PALS) co-ordinator, said the project was aimed at showing students that they have a choice. She also said it was symbolic of the values they were trying to teach students.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Jean Lee, a senior lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, charged students to respect each other at all times as such conduct could avoid many of the conflicts that arise.