Friendship Baptist Church - Detroit
Dr. Samuel White III, Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church is a hospital for sin-sick souls and provides spiritual healing
for the heart, mind and soul.  "For by Jesus' Stripes we are healed".







I Corinthians 13



                                                       DR. SAMUEL WHITE III

Our Pastor

Dr. Samuel White III

The Pastor's Vision:

Friendship Baptist Church is a hospital for sin-sick souls and provides spiritual healing for the heart, mind and soul.

"For by Jesus' Stripes we are healed".


Dr. Samuel White III graduated with honors from Brockport State College with a Bachelor of Science. He went on to graduate from Harvard Divinity School with a Master of Theology degree and a Masters of Divinity degree at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. He completed his educational pursuit by achieving a Doctorate of Ministry degree at Drew University. Dr. White’s educational qualifications are complemented by his experiences as a pastor and a hospice chaplain. He currently serves as a pastor of Friendship Baptist Church. Since 1996, Dr. White has conducted many funerals, provided grief counseling, and developed a grief support group. Moreover, Dr. White is a hospice chaplain for Hospices of Henry Ford and provides spiritual assessments and spiritual care for terminally ill patients and their grieving families. Dr. White’s qualifications stem from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is because of the grace of God that Dr. White has been blessed with a nineteen-year marriage with the former Sandra Wilson. They are richly blessed with two children, Alexandria and Samuel IV.

Reverend Dr. White has received numerous educational, civic and religious awards as a testimony to his dedication to God and his community.  Most recently, Dr. White authored the book, "It Is Well With My Soul"-Spiritual Care For The Dying, which answers the questions, What do you say to someone who is dying?  How do you provide spiritual care for the terminally ill and help them make a peaceful transition?  This book is an excellent resource for pastors, chaplains, physicians, hospice clinicians, nurses, social workers, home health aides, grief counselors, geriatric workers, volunteers, caregivers and everyone who cares for the dying.  

His second project is "My Brother's Keeper - Church Ministry for Young African American Males", a training manual for clergy laity, parents, teachers, social workers, youth workers, guidance counselors and caring persons who want to develop a Mentoring Program, Rites of Passage, Conflict Resolution Classes, Liberation Lessons and use Rap music to free young, African American males from their spiritual, social, and psychological bondage.  

Dr. White's third installment is also now available, Dying in Peace Preparing For Eternity.  All 3 books can be purchased online at Westbow Press, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.